Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My teeth are falling out,the enamel are coming off,what can i do?

my enamel is coming of my teeth,the other day one of them fell out,i'm scared to get them looked at,my teeth are really bad.but i know i need to get them fixed.i have no insurance right now i was wondering if you guys would be able to do payment plans.i plan on getting insurance,i'm sending away for my birth certificate now,but it will take 1-2 weeks before i get teeth hurt now!!!!is there anyway you can help me please.
take it step by step .
call a dentist office and see if they do payment plans.
or go to mexico they just want money and dont care about insurance.
Getting your teeth done by a dental school student is cheaper than by a regular dentist.
Check for dental clinics in your area.For example, I got two wisdom teeth pulled at a dental school clinic for just $75. Great deal. There might also be community dental clinics for people who can't afford care.Check with your county/city health care program (check under local government in the phone book.) You might be eligible for emergency care, pro bono work, reduced rates...see what's available in your area.
Stop smoking..
Tylenol? aspirin? numbing cream?
Stop smoking? STOP DOING CRYSTAL METH %26 CRACK!!! DUH!!!!
Hi,Im a dentist and if you want some help, please email me and i probably can help you. Are you in pain at the momentRob
I had really bad teeth all thru school, and I had quite a few pulled by the time I got to high school. Soon as I graduated, the first thing I did was have all the rest pulled out cuz they were fallin apart and it was gonna cost way too much to even think about getting them fixed. I still don't have any teeth, but it's a lot better than havin a mouthful of ugly lookin bad teeth that hurt all the time. I'd much rather go toothless than go on the way l was. At least now I can eat ok and I don't hurt all the time.

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