Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My teeth feel like their not aligned, also my jaw hurts, Please help?

Im 16 and my teeth feel like their not aligned, I tried biting down, but my jaws feel weak. My jaw also hurts to yawn and when i try to move it around. Also lately I had a bump on my gums (It went down, but reappears after eating hard candy..(I've stopped eating hard candy). And chewing is a problem.. I want to go see a dentist but i can't because my dentist is in another state.. I have filling in my mouth from cavities.. and all this started one day after eating %26quot;now and laters%26quot;.. PLEASE HELP... if u can no longer answer dis question.. please contact me at %26quot;;
It sounds to me like you have several problems with your mouth. Starting with the jaw thing, i don't know if your familiar with the term TMJ - Temporomandibular joint disease, which is characterized by pain in the jaw and surrounding tissues and limitations in jaw movements. I'm not very knowledgeable about this subject, but I know those are some of the sympthoms, so you should probably look it up. About the bump in your gums, it is probably an abcess at the tip of the root of that tooth. This could mean the decay in that tooth is so extensive that it has reached the nerve and created an infection. It goes away and returns when you apply pressure on that tooth. Most likely you will need at least a root canal to drain out the infection, if not you will have to pull it. If you get the root canal treatment done, your dentist will drill out the cavity in the tooth and also remove the nerve and the abcess. Once the nerve is removed, you will no longer feel pain or sensitivity on that tooth. The will fill in the area in the roots where the nerve used to be and maybe drill in a post ( a little screw) which will hold together a big filling with which they will reconstruct the tooth. After this procedure your tooth will be very brittle and you will need to put a crown on top of it to protect it. However, if your doctor decides that this tooth is non-restorable ( in other words, there is no salvation for this tooth) the you are left with no other option than to pull it. You can do a bridge later to replace the missing tooth. Now you say that you can't go to the dentist because your dentist is in another state... That sounds to me like a personal excuse... Don't be scared, look up another dentist on the internet... or dial 1-800-DENTIST :)
TMJ%26quot;%26quot;%26quot;%26quot;SO%26quot;%26quot;%26quot;%26quot;call dentist and he will direct you to the nearest professional that can help you.
I have a thing called TMJ, not sure what it stands for, sorry. But I have air inbetween the bones of my jaw, which allows them to pop out of place. If I sleep wrong, i can wake up and not be able to move my mouth or I can't eat anything because it hurts to move my jaw or my teeth just wont line up. It usually works it way out and is fine in an hour or so, other times it takes days. And I can acutally pop my jaw, kinda creepy. There is something that can be done for this, the two options I were given weren't good. 1 was to break my jaw and then wire it shut for 6 weeks.. OUCH...the 2nd was to wear this like mouth guard while i slept, but it was in the upwards of 4grand, insurance wont cover a cent...This may be wha tyou have, it may not be.. I would go and see a doctor or a dentist.. They can help...Sorry!
If you have any questoins, you can email me...
Could it be your wisdom teeth? If you don't think that is the problem (you didn't mention where the bump in your gums was, I'm just guesing, sry) and if you are still in pain, definately get help, or at least advice from a professional. If you explain that you are out of state and feel like this is an emergency they may be willing to take a look for you, without doing anything...?
Ok... We all have TMJ which is a tempromandibular joint but what you have possibly is TMD which is a TMJ that doesnt function properly. So this is what I tell my patients. Eat soft foods for two weeks and take one pill of ibuprophen (200 mg) 3X per day (ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO IBUPROPHEN AND YOU DONT HAVE ANY STOMACH ULCERS). This now might help if it doesnt then you need a night guard. It is around $400-$600. If that doesnt do it either then you might need surgery.
Bump on the gums is not a good sign. It is most likley an infection either tooth or gum related.
This is just marginal dental advice in order to confirm diagnosis see your local dentist.
Temperomandibular joint disorder! See your dentist or prosthodontist.

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