Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Novocaine before filling cavity? Is this normal?

I got a cavity filled today. I had two. One was larger and one was a little smaller. I got the larger one filled today (he numbed the area first) and I'm planning on going back pretty soon to get the second one filled. I'd never seen this dentist before, but he seemed pretty competent. After we got done he said that if I returned soon enough to get the second one done, we wouldn't have to numb the area first. Is this normal? Can someone please explain this to me?Thanks in advance.
Your dentist probably meant that if you return soon, before the cavity got larger, he could fill it without anesthesia. This is normal if the cavity is only in the enamel portion of the tooth structure. There are no nerves in the enamel. In fact, when treating children, if there are small cavities in the enamel, injection anesthesia is rarely used. This is because the nerve area of the tooth is not being touched, and the child will respond better to the pressure sensation as opposed to receiving the dreaded shot.
Ask your dentist before he proceeds if this is indeed what he meant, but yes, this is normal procedure for small cavities. Instead of receiving the injection and being numb for the rest of the afternoon for a 10 minute procedure, you will just feel pressure on your tooth during the drilling process.
If the cavity is very minor, it can be filled without novocaine. The small amount of drilling involved doesn't get near the nerves (that's what causes pain). I've had several small ones taken care of without it. By %26quot;soon enough%26quot; he meant before it gets too large, not %26quot;soon enough after the first one was done%26quot;
I think he was joking.
if it's really small it won't be near a nerve and numbing isn't needed.
I think he was making a joke that just flew straight over your head. I've had a tooth filled before the novocaine had a chance to take effect and IT WAS NOT FUN. But my dentist seemed to be running behind that day so I let it slide. Luckily it started to take effect at about the time I was paying my bill.
Hell no. The novocaine wears off in a matter of hours. He was just trying to get you back in fast. Maybe he has some gambling debts he has to pay and needs the money before they come to whack off his kneecaps. You never know.
I usually ask if they need it or not.
I dont like the feeling when my mouth is frozen, so I try to go without it.
But if you want it, I am sure they will give it to you.
i am sure it will be fine. i think novacaine kills the nerves for awhile. i am positive the dentist would not be insulted if you asked him why.
tell the bastard you want gas. Laughing gas is the only way to go
First, novocaine hasn't been used in the USA for quite a few years. What's used almost exclusively for dental work is Xylocaine. Your dentist may refer to it as %26quot;novocaine%26quot; simply because that's what laypeople call it.What your dentist meant was that if you returned soon, before the cavity gets much larger, he'll be able to fill it without anesthesia, because it's so small.
I've never been in that situation (getting cavities filled back to back).When I was a kid and terrified of needles, I opted to go without the Novocaine. There was a constant pinch, but no pain.Ask your dentist to explain why you won't need to be numbed.
Yes, it is sometimes if the decay isn't into the second layer of the tooth, meaning just into the enamel, it can be done without getting numb. No pain and complete feeling when you leave
Yes, I already had a very smallcavity filled without numbing. It was not painful because there was very little drilling to be done.
I have never had anaesthetic when getting teeth filled. In the past I have had some fairly large fillings, and the pain was never unbearable - and with just a small filling it really doesn't cause much discomfort at all. I would be guilded by the dentist, as they are usually pretty conservative, and if he says it doesn't need a needle, you can be pretty sure it will be okay.
I had this done before it depends on how deep the cavity is.In my case it was a piece of took less time then having to wait for the Novocain to kick in..

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