Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My teeth hurt when i bite?

When i eat something or bite down on my teeth, they hurt. When im not biting, everything feels normal. I dont have any loose teeth. When i wake up in the mornings and bite down, it doesnt hurt, but a couple of hours later the pain is back when i bite. This only happens to my side teeth, not the front teeth. Any ideas what casuses it or/and how to cure it?
kinda tough to give you a prognosis. It could be as involved as you needing a root canal or filling on a tooth.Or, (and most likely) it could just be that you are unaware that you're biting and grinding your teeth as you sleep at night. The answer to that is having a night guard made by your dentist.
The sure-fire way to know is just go to the dentist and have him take x-rays. If there's nothing wrong with your teeth then, it could just be you're grinding at night and causing your jaw muscles to spasm, transmitting that stress to your teeth. Go get it checked out.
unfortunantly it sounds like you may need a root canal...teeth that need them tend to me sensetive when you bite down:( you should go to your dentist and get x-rays and he'll be able to tell you if you need one. good luck.

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