Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Novocaine before filling cavity? Is this normal?

I got a cavity filled today. I had two. One was larger and one was a little smaller. I got the larger one filled today (he numbed the area first) and I'm planning on going back pretty soon to get the second one filled. I'd never seen this dentist before, but he seemed pretty competent. After we got done he said that if I returned soon enough to get the second one done, we wouldn't have to numb the area first. Is this normal? Can someone please explain this to me?Thanks in advance.
Your dentist probably meant that if you return soon, before the cavity got larger, he could fill it without anesthesia. This is normal if the cavity is only in the enamel portion of the tooth structure. There are no nerves in the enamel. In fact, when treating children, if there are small cavities in the enamel, injection anesthesia is rarely used. This is because the nerve area of the tooth is not being touched, and the child will respond better to the pressure sensation as opposed to receiving the dreaded shot.
Ask your dentist before he proceeds if this is indeed what he meant, but yes, this is normal procedure for small cavities. Instead of receiving the injection and being numb for the rest of the afternoon for a 10 minute procedure, you will just feel pressure on your tooth during the drilling process.
If the cavity is very minor, it can be filled without novocaine. The small amount of drilling involved doesn't get near the nerves (that's what causes pain). I've had several small ones taken care of without it. By %26quot;soon enough%26quot; he meant before it gets too large, not %26quot;soon enough after the first one was done%26quot;
I think he was joking.
if it's really small it won't be near a nerve and numbing isn't needed.
I think he was making a joke that just flew straight over your head. I've had a tooth filled before the novocaine had a chance to take effect and IT WAS NOT FUN. But my dentist seemed to be running behind that day so I let it slide. Luckily it started to take effect at about the time I was paying my bill.
Hell no. The novocaine wears off in a matter of hours. He was just trying to get you back in fast. Maybe he has some gambling debts he has to pay and needs the money before they come to whack off his kneecaps. You never know.
I usually ask if they need it or not.
I dont like the feeling when my mouth is frozen, so I try to go without it.
But if you want it, I am sure they will give it to you.
i am sure it will be fine. i think novacaine kills the nerves for awhile. i am positive the dentist would not be insulted if you asked him why.
tell the bastard you want gas. Laughing gas is the only way to go
First, novocaine hasn't been used in the USA for quite a few years. What's used almost exclusively for dental work is Xylocaine. Your dentist may refer to it as %26quot;novocaine%26quot; simply because that's what laypeople call it.What your dentist meant was that if you returned soon, before the cavity gets much larger, he'll be able to fill it without anesthesia, because it's so small.
I've never been in that situation (getting cavities filled back to back).When I was a kid and terrified of needles, I opted to go without the Novocaine. There was a constant pinch, but no pain.Ask your dentist to explain why you won't need to be numbed.
Yes, it is sometimes if the decay isn't into the second layer of the tooth, meaning just into the enamel, it can be done without getting numb. No pain and complete feeling when you leave
Yes, I already had a very smallcavity filled without numbing. It was not painful because there was very little drilling to be done.
I have never had anaesthetic when getting teeth filled. In the past I have had some fairly large fillings, and the pain was never unbearable - and with just a small filling it really doesn't cause much discomfort at all. I would be guilded by the dentist, as they are usually pretty conservative, and if he says it doesn't need a needle, you can be pretty sure it will be okay.
I had this done before it depends on how deep the cavity is.In my case it was a piece of took less time then having to wait for the Novocain to kick in..

Nervous about dentist today! HELP!?

Hi guys. I am going to the dentist today. I am feeling scared for a number of reasons.My teeth are bad. I am pretty sure I will need around 7 or 8 extractions. I am not nervous about that though.I am nervous because for about a month, I have been feeling some things that I am wondering if they have anything to do with my teeth. I have been more tired than normal.
I have some tightness in my chest, and in general, body aches.
I have been having panic attacks every singe day, sometimes more than once a day.Some people have said this could be from the serious infection in my mouth, and it could repair once I get the with in a week of the extractions.Has anyone ever heard of bad teeth causing something like this?My appointment is soon. I hope to get replies before I go. Thanks to all who answer!
I have definetly heard about dental issues causing general health issues. That is for sure. I have been dealing with the same questions as you. THe best thing I can really do is tell you to read on here and locate answers from other people. I have asked this question several times.I feel for you. GOOD LUCK AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! Everyhting will be fine!
The answer to your question is %26quot;yes%26quot;, bad teeth can cause a host of physical problems and can also cause infections all over your body, including in your heart. If you have an infection, your dentist WILL NOT DO ANY WORK BEFORE GIVING YOU ANTIBIOTICS. And that is the reason why. He doesn't want the infection to spread. So don't worry about that part...if there is no infection, it can't spread. Most people don't go because they're afraid of the %26quot;needle%26quot; or the %26quot;drill%26quot;...put on your big-girl panties and when you get there, ask for %26quot;GAS%26quot; when he does your work. There are so many new and improved techniques that you could get a whole new mouth of teeth in a couple of visits. And you should worry about extractions...if you don't fill in the 'gap', your teeth will shift and you will lose bone in your jaw. Do something nice for yourself so you can smile when you're an old person! Godloveya..all will be well.

Need URGENT Dental Surgeons recommendation for cancer patient?

My dad has lung cancer. His chemotheraphy has weakened his gums and bones. His teeth are falling and those that are still intact are giving him crucial pain. His professor dentist at gleneagles has turned him away as any surgery now is a risky task as my dad cannot afford to have excessive bleeding. Need recommendation of dentist who are expert or familiar in this situation. URGENT.
I would go to his doctor and ask if he knew of anyone or anything that can be done to help your father. I'm sure the doctor has seen this problem before and might know of any dentists that might or maybe something that can be done for him.

Need to get tooth pulled, can orthodontist still put rubber bands on even though I have not had tooth pulled?

I'm getting braces and need a tooth extratced. I have not gotten the tooth pulled yet, can my orthodontist still put the rubberbands on?
Generally, any needed extractions must be done before any ortho work.

Need some help! Any Splint wearers?

I just got my new splint yesterday cause I clinch my teeth and after wearing it one night, I woke up and my teeth were killing me in the front. The splint was pushing them together. Ouch! So I went to the orthodontist yesterday morning to get it adjusted and then again yesterday afternoon for another adjustment. They said they do not want to adjust it anymore cause then it will become loose and I would be back in the office 4 months from now getting another one made. So I wore it last night and my teeth felt better this morning but the two top front teeth were sore alittle. Do I just need to keep wearing it and get used to it?? Or, do I need to go back and have them adjust it. I do not want to wear something that will overall hurt my teeth. I got the splint to help my teeth. Any Splint wearers out there. did you have the same problem? What do you do?
Keep wearing it. It the soreness doesn't resolve, maybe a different type of splint can be made.

Need my four impacted wisdom teeth removed.?

Hello everyone. I went to the dentist yesterday for a routine removal, and found out that I need to have my wisdom teeth removed. All four of them are impacted. I was wondering if some of you could give me your experiences good and bad. I'm super nervous about this, and have no idea what to expect. I am a 21 year old female, and have never, ever needed ANY kind of surgery before. Even oral surgery. Thanks for any help.
I had the same procedure about 2 years ago. I was put under, so it wasn't bad at all. It was my first surgery, too. Good luck! :) Also, make sure you follow the dentist's orders, such as after 24 hours, rinse with warm salt water. The dentist will give you some pain medication, too. You'll be fine.
lucky you. When i had mine pulled, they just went in and took them our with some kind of saw. The last one really hurt because I guess it was close to the nerve. But I'm still alive to tell the story. I was higher than a kite once they put on the laughing gas! Crazy!
Its not that bad they put you under, and on laughing gas, you won't remember anything, you wont feel anything. You really don't have anything to worry about.
I've had all six of my wisdom teeth removed (yes, I had six wisdom teeth for some reason!) and I am very sensitive to the medication for pain so, frankly, I slept through most of it during and then came home and slept some more. I was back at work the next day. You could try to time it around your schedule so that you do not have to go back to work the next day but I would definitely encourage you not to try to go to work the same day.
I was 18 when I had all 4 wisdom teeth out, one week before heading off to college! I was given a local anesthesia and didn't feel a thing. Of course, the pain the next couple of days was bad. Also, my stitches came out on their own, instead of dissolving like they were supposed to! So for the most part everything went well, just hurts for a few days after.

Need free dental work? Augusta, GA?

We are looking for patients who need fillings and cleanings for a dental licensing exam.
(We are licensed dentists in another state (not students) and are looking to relocate to Georgia.)
you should try to publicise at the county health department, good luck

Need Dentist's advice for possible oral hpv / herpes etc?

I'm seriously upset about this please help. Last friday night I felt something weird on my tongue, and went to the mirror and saw 3 -5 white spots and a few spots of white patches. (Very abnormaI feel) Also 3 white spots on my outer lower lip. Then white wart like tiny round spots on my lower lip! In 12 hours my whole lower lip was raw form me biting off whatever it was that was growing on it. I bit them off not wanting them to get a hold basically. The doc couldn't see much because I had chewed so much of my lip, and so just gave me an anti viral rinse medicine. (The white spots on tongue had also died down so she didn't see much at all other than me chewing up my lip. My eye was also very itchy and still is, then I felt these clusters of white spots come on my upper lip in the edges but subdermally and I can see them now too, but they aren't getting bigger. I am worried this could be a spread of a genital HPV I have been dealing with. I'm horrified! But nothing... CONT:
Im sorry to hear that you have to go through this. It sounds like what you are explaining is some type of verruca. That means that what you are seeing is a warty skin lesion with a rough Papillomatous surface. (raised) It is a common and contagious papovirus. It really depends on the location of the lesions also. It does not sound like a herpes type of virus because with those viruses the lesion will appear as a red spot on the tissue and after aprox 3 to 5 days the red spot becomes an open lesion and exudates (pus). At that time the lesion is very painful and it is difficult to eat. If you have been biting them off it sounds like more of a wart. You need to see the doctor again and report any symptoms such as muscle aches headaches or flulike symptoms. Generally white lesions in the mouth that have a white coating could indicate trauma, infection or a cancerous process. See your doctor again and be firm with them dont let them blow you off. Good Luck Michelle
i think herpes is chronic like a less serious form of HIV but once you got it you just have to make sure that no one else gets it from you, but you will be needing medication for basically a long time
Sometimes there is nothing for it but to see a doctor and have them diagnose/treat whatever problem you have. This is one of those times. You need to let the symptoms develop to the maximum and when they are really showing up at their worst, go to your doctor or dentist and see if they know what it is. No one can diagnose this over the Internet and it could just be plain, old cold-sores (which can sometimes infest your entire mouth) so don't panic yet.
There are two different tests that will screen for pre-cancer in the mouth.Check these two website to find dentists that use one of these tests. am sorry these things are happening. I know the frustration of not finding good answersGood Luck to you.

Need a oral suregon but i dont have dental insurance does anyone know any oral surgeons have payment plans?

i need a oral suregon does anyone know of any that offer payment plans in baltimore thank you
Not knowing where you live, I can't give you the name of someone in particular. What you can do is check with dental universities in your area. Most of them have dental clinics that are very low cost and accept payment plans.
I would check out the dental school at the University of Maryland at Baltimore: have an Oromaxillofacial Surgery department, and the fees charged at the dental school are usually lower than that of a private dentist or oral surgeon.Hope this helps!
Specialists often do not accept payment plans, because they do not establish a long-term relationship with a patient. You see them maybe once or twice in a lifetime, so they don't know you.Also, dentists are not banks. They are not set up to loan money, run credit checks,collect on default payments, or figure interest. Financial institutions do that and most of them don't pull teeth.You can apply for credit from companies like Care Credit or Dental Fee Plan. Both of these places specialize in health care loans, leaving the dentist to do professional stuff.
You can save up to 80% by getting a dental plan from

Need a dentist for 6 yrs old autistic that would knock him out?

i am in rockland county new york
Just look up a pediatric dentist in your area. They deal with special needs patients. Sedation may not be necessary.
not really because it would not knock the 6yrs out

Necessity of "gum-flap" surgery?

I have moderate to advanced periodontal disease. I was told I need the root planing and several surgeries which come out to about $6500. I'm able to pay for the root planing, but not the rest. I'm wondering if the surgeries are necessary to save my teeth or are they just to get me back to as close to ideal as possible. We only have one specialist in the area, so I'm not sure how to get a second opinion.
I know alot of people that need %26quot;gum flap surgury%26quot;. people just flap their gums! Flap flap flap flap. Why cant ppl just stop flapping their gums? Flip flap flip flap. You prob only need about 25% of what the doctor says.
full mouth root planing 1000 dollars at a top dds. small flap 1200.
look in to another.
where is it in city , subs or sticks.
need more info
try another dentist .
if you have a teaching dental college you may go there
the prices are greatly reduce.
the chances are most likely not.
From the amount for root planing, it must be the entire mouth, upper and lower. Start by trying root planing, brush and floss religiously and rinse with Peridex. Peridex may cause some stain. The better that you brush (Crest Dual Action Whitening only) and floss the better that you prevent stain. If the teeth are sensitive then use a sensitive toothpaste. If still a problem, then surgery is probably needed. Sorry

Nausea and vomiting after jaw and orthognathic surgery?

If anybody has had lower jaw or orthognathic surgery, how bad was your nausea and vomiting if any after surgery?How long did it last?
The nausea and vomiting could be caused by your pain medication. Do not take the pain meds without first having some food in your stomach, even if it is just crackers and juice! If your jaw is oozing blood, do not swallow it, the stomach hates blood and it will reject it, causing you to throw it back up. Instead, keep some kleenex handy, and spit any bloody drainage out and put it into a waste basket. Try cold things, like juice, jello, popsicles. Leave the ice cream off until you are not vomiting any more. Start your diet back slowly. Start with clear juices, popsicles, jello, broth., Then you can graduate to soft non-spicy, non greasy foods, and nothing sharp like chips. The doctor may need to give you a prescription for phenergan or zofran to prevent nausea and vomiting. Most all pain pills will cause nausea and vomiting if taken on an empty stomach. But you may just need a different pain pill if you are too sensitive to this one. Call and report your symptoms to your doctor. His or her office staff should be able to help you.

Natural bad breath remedy?

Apart from listerine or bad breath pills, what other natural herbs/ food can prevent bad breath? Help meeeeeeeee
I can't possibly drink water 24/7!Thank you
Go to this site, click on folk remedies, the index at the middle of the screen. Look under B for bad breath. There could lots of causes from stomach/digestive, to cavities, even sinus problems can cause it. It's best to try to figure out what's causing it.
* 5 simple things you can do today... that... can rid you of bad breath even before you try any treatment! (At the very least, this will slash your problem in half鈥?probably more than that!)

* Which beverages you should drink (because they help you fight bad breath)... and... which beverages to avoid! * Why bad breath could be caused by the medications you're taking... and... a dead-simple way to solve this problem in a snap, without stopping your medication. (Never stop your medication without consulting with your doctor first.)

* 5 deadly myths about bad breath almost everyone believes... that are probably making your condition much worse!

* Brushing your teeth is good for you, but it will NOT improve your bad breath... find out why. (Also find out what to do, that will wipe out your bad breath.)

* How to get rid of the ugly white coating on your tongue... without scraping! (Also find out why scraping your tongue will NOT get rid of the white coating... even if you scrape until it bleeds!)

* A scientifically-proven way to eliminate mouth ulcers and canker sores for good... even if you have been plagued by them since childhood!

* The only way to make sure your bad breath stays gone for good!

* Why these simple, easy methods not only wipe out your bad breath... but... also whiten your teeth naturally to give you a perfect white smile at the same time! by
Pepermint flavoured eclipse they will defenatly do the trick
OR Anything that is very minty
Assuming you are in good health(teeth,gums,stomach, tonsils, sinuses,medical conditions such as diabetes, etc.) , and it is not food related:
Brush/floss your teeth after meals.
Avoid very hot drinks.
Stop smoking.
Chew on some flavored sugarless gum every now and then.

Name six ways by which accidents to teeth can happen?

falling, biting ,grinding in your sleep, car accident, in sports, bumping, chewing too hard
falling down the stairs
bite a bone by accident(teeth breaks into half:))
accidentally get whacked by your sister
acidentally bite your fork or chopsticks or whatever
don't know what else
I worked ER for 11 years. I'll list the ways I saw .Fell out of pickup going 60 mph.
Hit in face by jet ski.
Punched in face by drunk.
Motorcycle wreck
Skateboarding accident.
Bicycle accident
Fell off roof.
Hit in face with rock.
Here are some ways I have witnessed or been injured in teeth.1. Walking up to someone holding a bat just as they decide to practice swing and don't know you are right behind them.(happened to my son)
2. Drinking too much and passing out and smacking your teeth off the porcelain sink. (happened to me)
3. Saying the wrong thing to someone with a bad temper. (this is probably one of the leading causes of tooth injury ROFL)
4. Biting into something you expect to be soft and finding something very hard in it. (this happened to me and I split a tooth right in two)
5. Falling face first over bicycle handlebars. (witnessed)
6. Car accident with no seat belt and two front teeth get shoved almost completely back up into your gums. (happened to my little brother when he was four (back when people rarely wore seat belts)
My son threw an empty plastic 2 l coke bottle at a friend - it caught him in the mouth and broke his two front teeth.
When I was 18 I was playing basketball and set a pick on a kid, he got around me and in the motion of his running his elbow came underneath my chin while I was about to call for the ball(pick and roll) so my mouth was open, his elbow popped my mouth closed and my teeth slammed together, it sounded like a gunshot.
Lets see.... Falling down and %26quot;biting%26quot; the floor. Some one hiting you in the teeth. Biting down on something hard and chipping a tooth. Losing a filling. An object thrown at you and hits you in the mouth. Getting your braces caught in braces.

Name six ways by which accidents to teeth can happen?

They can rot out if you don't brush them.
You name the other 5.
-Falling off a bike, swing, tree limb, downstairs, etc..
-Trying to open something by using your teeth
-using a hammer that bounces back and hits you in the mouth (my grandfather lost some teeth that way)
-Hitting a tooth really hard with a coffee cup
-car accidents
-fist fightsNot brushing properly, excessive soda drinking and drug use will cause them to decay and fall out. Not exactly 'accidents' though.
Sports injuries, car accidents, chipping a tooth while eating something hard...(that is a start, good luck!)
Lost a few popping beer bottle caps off while drunk.Heeeeee.
Ice Hockey,
American Football,
A man beating you with a stick
AND not flossing.
Making yourself throw up; the acid harms the teeth.
Bar room brawls
No water in the pool
Forgot the seat belt again
Couldn't find the bottle opener
Smiling at Big Guys in the gents
Fielding at silly mid on
Really good drug habit

Mystery Condition: White/Clear Bumps in mouth. Mouth feels like its been burnt/chewed on. going on 6 years.?

Other people have same problem on internet on many forums. My mouth has felt %26quot;rough%26quot; since I woke up 6 years ago and felt the inside or my lower lip. It's since spread to the rest of my cheeks/lips on the inside of my mouth. I's also formed leukoplakias on my pallete once or twice.Who else has this condition of %26quot;rough mouth%26quot;? Oh and the clear bumps are like little grains of sand not really painful just weird, like the size of a ball point pen ball.
Its really tough to figure out oral pathology in a dental chair sometimes, and even tougher over the internet. The rough spots on your lower lip sound to me like minor salivary glands. Everyone has a lot of them right there, and most people can feel them if you squeeze your lower lip between your fingers. Occasionally, one may become %26quot;defective%26quot; or leak, forming a blister like lesion. Its not a huge deal, but it would need to be taken out. I don't know if that fits your description or not. There are a few salivary gland diseases or conditions that can cause dry mouth, and you can get yeast infections secondary to dry mouth sometimes. If you did have some kind of gland problem (and by no means would I diagnose that over the internet) then it may affect salivary glands all over the mouth, causing dryness, irritation, etc. Your dentist should either take a look, or he can refer you to a periodontist who can try and help you. 6 years is a long time for a %26quot;burning mouth%26quot; problem, but I've seen patients put up with it for decades before ever seeing a dentist and getting it treated. Long story short - have a periodontist take a look and see if yall can't get it resolved.
ive had that exact same thing you described, but for me ill get it for a day or two and it will go away. it happens around once a month. yours seems worse. you should probably see a doctor.
When you get cancer (don't worry, you don't probably have it) and go through chemo therapy you get yeast infections in your mouth with clear to a yellowy bumps and it normally goes away in like two i think you should go see a doctor.Its more than likely a yeast infection...that happens to last a long time.

My wisdom tooth is killing me!?

i discovered bout my first wisdom tooth just last week and its killing me already. the pain is unbearable and i really had a hard time eating. is there anyway to reduce the swelling without going to the dentist? and how long does it usually takes to grow out?
thanks and ouch =(
Take some anti-inflammatory...Aleve or Advil for the interim! This should help you for both the pain %26 inflammation..This should help you temporarily, unfortunately, you need to see your dentist sometime soon!
orajel will rid the pain, but no swelling will be there until the teeth fully come through
it will keep hurting untill it is done growing but in the mean time go to the drug store and get something to help with the pain
Try rinsing your mouth with some vodka for a few minutes, it will help to numb it.
OTC pain killers and orajel are probably youre best bet for the temporary pain. It may never stop hurting though, and may become infected down the road if they are coming in improperly, which I believe happens a lot (its why I had mine taken out, and most everyone i know who had them removed).
like others said you can use oragel...but if its hurting that bad to the point of being unable to eat maybe you need to get them pulled. The longer you wait the worst it will be. Plus if they are growing in crooked then they will puch your teeth together, but dont worry once they are pulled tehy tend to go back to place...anyhow get an xray done to see where they are at
Warm salt water rinses will ease the pain and shrink the inflammation. Could come and go over time and may never actually erupt. Have it taken out ASAP is my suggestion. Just get them all taken out at once so you don't have to go through it more than once.

My wisdom tooth and jaw?

yesterday during school, i was suddenly unable to completely open my mouth; every time i try there's a small pain in the back of my jaw [where a wisdom tooth is] stopping me from fully opening my mouth. its been going on since yesterday and as of right now, i just feel a dull ache in that area, [not really a toothache though...] im no longer even trying to completely open my mouth. i do have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 2 but im starting to get worried that it might be too serious to wait all day for. would this have something to do with my wisdom tooth? im not sure what to do until my appointment, but is there any way i can get this now constant ache to subside a bit [and no, still cant completely open my mouth... i can talk, but just not FULLY open my mouth]?
I wouldn't rush out to the ER just yet. It sounds like you are having classic symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth. Although they may be uncomfortable, there will be nothing that they can do other than get you some meds %26 then refer you to a dentist. Most likely, your dentist tomorrow will evaluate your problem and refer you to the oral surgeon if he/she doesn't mess with wisdom teeth to have them taken out. I would suggest to take Advil or Motrin for pain as directed on bottle (unless of course you are allergic or advised not to for other medical conditions or reactions with other medications) until you get to your dentist appt %26 he may prescribe you something stronger to get you by until you can get them taken out. Eating cold foods will help some with swelling and discomort. Try gently biting down on small pieces of ice on your gums where they are hurting. Don't try to force your jaw to open, it will just cause more discomfort at this time.
you are getting it looked after tomorrow =try hanging n there for the night and take a pain killer
Welcome to the world of TMJ or temporal mandibular joint disorder. Check out the site below for mmore detailed info. There are treatments available, I've even seen a patient in the dental office I work for whose jaw pops out of place and she just puts it back in place. Take some ibuprofen for the ache until you can get to the dentist.
It is probably TMJ disorder. My jaw does that too, don't worry your dentist will talk to you about it tomorrow and it will be fine. I doubt that it has anything to do with your wisdom tooth but i am not a dentist. it gets weird sometime when I yawn, my jaw feels like it's locked.
rub an asprin on the sore spot. read your bible and ask God to give you some relief. Try to sleep till your appt. it will be all over with tomorrow. hope you get feeling better.

My wisdom teeth were removed 1 week ago?

i had surgery on 4 of my wisdom teeth the top were erupted the bottom were partially impacted...everything went fine except now i have a burning sensation on the right part of my tounge.i cant taste anything w/ that part it feels partially numb.they said to wait a couple months.?
I would see your dentist, just to be sure, especially if that's something that's just now happened since the procedure. I had my wisdom teeth out and didn't contact my dentist when I had a problem because I didn't think it was a big deal, and it turned out being a big deal--but it could have been a much smaller deal had I called my dentist sooner! So I always say, better be safe than sorry.
Don't worry, just wait for a while more. Mine took about two weeks to recover and then I could eat like normal again. If it becomes really unbearable, then go check with your dentist again. Good luck!
go back to your dentist
Will you call your dentist's office already? You may have an infection.

My wisdom teeth are coming in. Any suggestions? They seem to be coming in mighty slow.?

What do I do about.. pain? teeth care? They are coming in awfully slowly.
Get those suckers pulled out.It will only get worse!
This may not be the best medical answer, but when mine were coming in, the best thing I could do was smoke and drink. Seriously. When I finaly got mine pulled, they told me not to smoke or drink alcahol for 24 hours. It does something to your blood pressure. What ever it is, it sure makes it feel good before they pull it. Afterwards, they tell you not to because it keeps the blood from clotting, and you will just keep bleeding.
Yea, they are gonna take FOREVER to fully come in. Sometimes they get impacted and never fully come thru. Some poeple suggest saving yourself the trouble and getting them removed. It can be pretty painful. Make sure you keep the area (the gums) clean as it can get infected and hurt worse. Brush after ever meal if possible. if your gums are bothering you really bad you can take an asprin. if that doesnt help, I've actually crushed an asprin and put it directly on my gums and it took the soreness out. Wierd huh?I'm 23 still have mine and they dont give me any problems. My dentist gave me the option of getting them removed...I declined, lol.
my wisdom teeth came in very slow,took 5 years to come in.
I am no doctor but you don't have to worry, they do only come very slow and painful if i might add

My wisdom teeth .?

have just come up in the last few months, but one of them came up wit a hole in the middle of it. why did this happen?
It sounds as though the tooth has decay in it - although it is impossible to be sure without seeing either the tooth or an x-ray of it!Teeth DO NOT form with decay already in them. There are many developmental abnormalities that can afflict teeth, but carious cavities (the only thing that truly creates a 'hole') only develop once the tooth starts coming through into the mouth. The problem with wisdom teeth is that they often erupt very slowly, remaining partially covered by gum sometimes for years. They are also at the back of the mouth where access for cleaning may be difficult. During this time the bacteria which cause decay, together with the sugars that the bacteria feed on, can get underneath the covering gum flap, away from the reach of saliva and a toothbrush. By the time your tooth was fully through so that you could see it - bingo - you had a cavity.Wisdom teeth with small, simple holes do not necessarily need to be removed. The difficulties and risks of the extraction need to be weighed against the difficulties of filling the tooth. In many cases a filling is the preferable option.Either way, you need to see a dentist!
omg. i dont know but you will def have to get that out. (mine are growing in, cuz im too scared to get them taken out..i hope that doesnt happen!!) good luck.
Darwin sez u dont need them so they arnt made very well...Just rip them out..they r just trouble..worked for me!
you will probably have to have them taken out but it wasnt that bad i had all 4 cut out .you will be puffy for a few days and sore but there usally isnt big amounts of pain
my wisdom teeth are never coming so i don't think there that usefull get them out

My tooth was painful and bringing out puss, the doctor removed it but now i am experiencing bad breath.?

It is very possible that you had an abscess of your tooth that was caused by severe periodontal (gum) disease. Even though the dentist removed your tooth you probably still have periodontal disease and without the tooth in place the diseased tissue is more open to the mouth and may result in bad breath. Periodontal disease commonly causes bad breath and can actually lead to cardiovasular (heart) disease. Autopsies on heart attack victims have found bacteria in cardiac artery blockages that are genetically identical to the bacteria in the victims infected gums. It appears that these bacteria can migrate from the gums and cause blockages in the arteries of the heart. So, go to a dentist that treats peridontal disease and get a good exam. It could not only help your breath but also extend your life.

My tooth was not sensitive before the filling, now it is. Is this normal?

I asked this question a bit differently a couple of days ago. I want to clarify. I had a filling put in on Monday. Before the filling was put in, I had no sensitivity at all on the tooth. Not to sweets, not to temperature, nothing. It was only filled because on clinical exam and x-ray it showed a cavity. There was no pain involved. Is it a molar or wisdom tooth (I'm not sure of the difference). I really don't want to have it removed.Now it is very sensitive to cold only -- not heat and not sweets or any other type of pain. But it's EXTREMELY sensitive to cold drinks, almost unbearably so.If I use a de-sensitizing toothpaste, isn't that temporary? Is this normal for the tooth to be this sensitive? The filling was three days ago. Did the dentist do something wrong?Thanks!
1) what kind of filling material? The old fashioned silver fillings are much more susceptible to cold sensitivity than the modern composite fillings.
2) IF your dentist used silver, hopefully he used a thermal base under the filling to limit sensitivity.
3) IF he used composite, he may have not gotten it sealed correctly. They are very technique specific and, hey, we all make mistakes sometimes.
4) IF he did everything right, it is still possible to have a tooth that is sensitive to cold. I, for instance, have two teeth that were filled with silver in the 1960s and refilled with composite in the 1990s. My dentist is very capable, and yet I know to keep cold off of those two teeth.
5) Realize that DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery NOT because we sometimes remove teeth, but because teeth are living tissue just like your skin, heart, etc. So, anytime you have a cavity drilled out and a filling put have had surgery on that tooth. Some teeth respond to surgery better than others.
I had the same problem with one of mine, never had any problems before with sensitivity. The dentist said it's because the cavity was kind of deep so now that there's a filling in there, the filling helps transmit the temp changes which go directly to the nerve. YIKES!
I've had a tooth that was sensitive at first, but over time got better, but I still have one that sends me through the roof if I get something hot or cold on it.
I had the same problem with my tooth, it depends really on what kind of filling you get but its usually that the filling touchs a nerve ending and when you drink or eat food the nerve gets a little shock from it. It will eventually go away, sometimes a few weeks but I had one where it lasted about a year. Good luck to ya, try drinking and eating with the side thats not sensitive, its wierd at first but you'll get use to it after awhile.
Sometimes this is normal. It also depends on how big the filling is. So it can be a number of things. From Just sensitive to becoming infected. If its a small filling I'm sure its just sensitive and will go away with use of de-sanitizing toothpaste. But i would call the dentist to be safe.
it is very normal.. tooth is a alive tissue and any work on it is a shock. Tooth needs some time to heal. Cold sensitivity is not just normal it is good.. means that tooth is alive and healthy.
It should subside after couple of weeks. Just don't shock it with extra cold things like ice or ice cream.

My tooth hurts!?

My second to last molar on the right side has been bugging me for a while. It bothered me for a few weeks and then went away for about a week and now it kills. It's sensitive to hot and cold and throbs. I've gone to a dentist and he wants to put a cap on it but he said he wasn't even sure what was wrong with it. I'm only 18 and don't think that I have a cracked tooth and don't want to start doing caps if he doesn't know what's wrong. I'll probably go get a second opinion but was wondering if any dentists out there had any thoughts about what could be wrong?
Well, usually, if it is sensitive to hot, cold and throbbing, this is a good indication it needs a root canal. I've had 3 and may be getting another very soon. I'm going in tomorrow because my tooth is slightly throbbing. However, if you need a root canal, it really isn't that bad. My issue is sitting through it because I get anxious in the chair. Root canals, if done correctly are painless and once finished your pain should be gone. See an endodontists if this is the case. You want to be sure it is done correctly. You don't want an inexperienced dentist doing a root canal.Hope that helps.
It could be infected.

My tooth fell out in the front is there a way i can fill it without denstist?

Answer: isn't!!!
You can stick a piece of candy corn there
In the meantime there is a temporary filler you can buy and put in its place- if you have some tooth left to put it into-- don't know the name but you can buy it at walmart or walgreens-but if the whole tooth is out-see a dentist-D
nope thats just stupid no offence ummm a tic tac lol
try to store in your own saliva d if its not possible then store in milk .then visit ur dentist but avoid touching any part of tooth
yes, there are labs out there that provide you with a dental kit that you would then follow the kit instructions. In the instructions they would walk you through taking a %26quot;putty impression of your smile.%26quot; Then you would ship these impressions to the lab. They would make the appliance that you wear in your smile to fill the gap with a false tooth (partial denture or a snap-on smile).These are not permanent solutions to your problem, but if you were needing something quick and wanted to make a better impression by not walking around with a missing tooth ---these types of removable partial dentures could be okay for you in the short run.Remember though, the %26quot;putty impression of your teeth%26quot; is key --and it has to be a perfect impression in order for the lab to fabricate the false tooth partial denture that fit correctly for you.I have been surfing the net for you and I apologize that I have not been able to find the exact lab website that I found a couple of yrs. ago when I was researching snap on smiles but I do know that there was a lab that basically cut out the dentist from the equation. Just wish that I was able to get that link to you tonight--I'll cont. to search for you.Sounds like cost is a big issue---but there are some dental offices that work w/a payment plan...check it out---sometimes this can save you from having to re-pay for the solution---when you have the professionals working with you---hope that you find a dentist that has a great payment plan for you or you are able to research the web on your own for the labs that work with patients directly.Best of luck to you--and I truly hope that you are able to fill the gap soon so that your self-esteem is at it's highest and you are feeling great about your self.Hey--also do a great job with your brushing and flossing--and if you smoke consider quiting as these things play a big role in your teeth falling out---You sound like a person that really wants to do the right thing and just has alittle problem with cash at this time---Take care--hope you do get the gap filled soon-- so you are smiling your biggest and happiest smile.Sincerely, Tina

My toot has broken below the gum line and my dentist has told me i need an extaction?

is there anything else that can be done apart from an extraction as i am reall worrying about having it done
An extraction is necessary in your case, most likely. Nothing to worry about. The biggest problem most folks face in the dental chair is FEAR! Dentists have magic drugs that can make your extraction pain free. Get it done, you'll feel better after it's all over and healed up.
go and have it out,dentistry is magic near y nowadays,no pain at all
actually...the dentist knows best on what is the best way to do on your broken tooth...don't can ask for anaesthesia or nitrous oxide (NO2) if you have low tolerance to pain
Your tooth must not be salvagable or the dentist would have given you some other options. Either go with what he says or get a second opinion. Like many others I too fear the dentist but things have come a long way and it does seem as though it's less traumatic to go to the dentist these days.
Good Luck!
Not that I know of. I've had teeth that have broken above the gum line and still had to have them extracted. Too much damage had been done for a root canal. As far as I know, when it's below the gum line, a root canal can't be done so it's got to come out. I've had a total of 10 extractions in my life and it's no big deal at all. I was awake for my wisdom tooth extractions and they were totally painless and very fast. You'll most likely get a prescription for a painkiller afterward too. If you are going to a private practice, they should give you the options of getting nitrous oxide or being 'put under' entirely. I go to a 'dental college' where they can only use Novocaine so I don't have those options and it's still not bad. Only 'risk' is that you may have some shifting of the other teeth after a few years but it may not be all that noticeable since it's only one tooth. BUT, it's best to get a fake tooth put in place. Either an implant or a bridge. A partial is the cheaper option.

My tongue too big?

I have a problem with my teeth, I have this overbite that dentists say was caused by my tongue pushing my top teeth forward.
My question is, is there any way you can stop your tongue from naturally sliding or pushing forward. I'm ready for any extreme cures, my mom apparently said they put a barb wire in the front of her mouth and her tongue started 2 slide back instead of forward, she has lovely teeth now and no overbite!Do you think they'd still do that today? It's the only other cure I can think of, help!?
Dude, I don't believe your mom, I think she has a terrific sense of humor.
Why won't your dentist fit you with a retainer?
mom got jokes lol
It wasn't barbed wire! It was an appliance that had short, dull tines that served as a reminder to pull her tongue back and train it to have a better resting position. They are still in use today. The ones they use now do not inflict pain.
i have the same problem and when i had braces, they had what they called spurs on attached to the braces on my lower teeth.Since i've got my braces off, i was made a retainer with spurs on them and they do help keep the tongue resting back but it can be a nuisance when/if you're eating, (food getting stuck) , kissing, and the visible retainer wire along the bottom front of my teeth, if i really smile with my teeth showing. Also, i have a grinding problem when i sleep so it has the potential to chip my upper teeth and actually has. So I don't actually use it at all although I should at least during the day. After having to deal with them for two years during my treatment, i hate the thought of having to put up with it any longer.But if you don't have a grinding problem, I'd get fitted for spurs and keep them in all the time with the exception of taking it out daily to clean them. Eventually, you'll learn to talk and eat and not really notice that they're there.Good luck.

My tongue is still numb! Help?

Anyways, I went to my dentist yesterday to get my other wisdom tooth out. He gave me Novocain, most of my tongue went numb, yadda yadda.
It's been literally, 24 hours later and the tip and side of my tongue is still kinda numb. Just not as bad was before. Is this normal!?
It's normal. If you don't get feeling back in your tongue after 48 hours, call your dentist.
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Yes it is, the nerve is reacting to swelling most likely.It's not a fun thing, I had all 4 out in one shot.
yeah its fine just give it till tonight before filing a law suit
Hey, I have never personally got my wisdom teeth out or anything but my husband has and he was numb for about 2 days. I would give it atleast another day then I would be worried. I hope you feel better!
eat really hot peppers?
But for real I think you better ask your dentist, to see if this is normal.
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to take out the teeth they use a lot o nummer it takes a will for the novican to waer off iv had i last 2 day some time good luck
I think you will be fine. Some people take longer for the numbing effect to wear off. If it's not better by this afternoon, call the dentist.
Yeah. A friend of mine had the same problem, lasted a couple weeks. I think what the doctor told her is that they might had hit a nerve, which causes temporary damage (as opposed to just numbs the area). My memory is a little hazy on the explanation BUT I can tell you for sure that it passes and everything will gio back to normal.
It is not unusual.. I have had the same type of thing happen to me.. the inside of my throat got swollen from hitting a muscle or something in there.. I called to ask if this was anything to be worried about.. the response I got was that as long as the swelling was decreasing over time, it was normal. And he apologized for missing his spot with the needle :) Never saw him again .. haa. was normal again after the second or third day.. but the gums took a week to stop hurting.. owww!
yes this is normal. your tongue is probably no longer numb from the Novocaine but from the swelling that has occurred against the nerve that supplies the tip of your tongue. however you should monitor your tongue for discoloration (white, blue, purple at the tip) if this should occur you need to return to your dentist or better yet the er right away. the swelling should be greatly reduced in 48 hrs and these symptoms should disappear
it may take some time for the nerve to calm down...wisdom teeth typically are close to the lingual nerve runs close to the gumline and controls the feeling in your tongue.however, if in a few more weeks you notice that it hasn't fully recovered then you may have had some damage done to that that case see a specialist that does lingual nerve repairs...good luck

My tongue always has weird stuff on it?

my tongue has some weird gunk on it like yellow or white..what should i do to clean it cuz brushing doesnt always work?
and fresh breath help?
There are 2 things you need to do:
If you can, go see your dentist. If not, then go to the store, like Wal-Mart, and in the toothbrush/floss area there is a tongue-scraper for about $2.00, if that. You scrap all the gunk off your tongue morning and evening. It will help get rid of odor causing bacteria! That should also help with your breath...using mouthwash is good too. Listerine is best because it kills germs whereas Scope doesn't. Good luck!
You need to brush for a long time, morning and night. Make sure that you brush with a hard toothbrush, the tongue holds a lot of bacteria.
if simple brushing doesn't help. see a Dr
It sounds like you may have yeast( also called thrush) It is a fungal infection. You should go to the doctor and get a script for it. But until you can get into the doctor I would do a couple of things and see if it helps. If you change the Ph of you mouth/tongue it may clear it up because your mouth area will not be conducive to the yeast( will not be what is called %26quot;sweet%26quot; or %26quot;friendly for yeast to grow%26quot;) You can do this by rinsing your mouth with vinegar, dilute it by half with water and gargle and swish and spit out then. I would do this three times a day and see if this helps. You could also get a %26quot;tongue brush%26quot;, that comes with a tongue paste and brush you tongue before you rinse with vinegar solution. Yogurt also will clear up %26quot;yeast infections if you take a table spoon and swish and swallow about ten times a day.
If you find that you get reoccurring yeast infections I would get a check up because it could be a sign of other underlying conditions such as diabetes, or a immune system problem.

My temporary crown fell out what are the chances of something bad happening if I go back in 2 - 4 days to fix

it.I already asked something like this but wanted to know what my chances are of bad things happening, in that time is 2 to 4 days okay is there a chance they will have to take it out if so how high how can I prevent this.
Don't worry you should be fine. I'm a dental assistant, I've seen quite a few patients whose temps have fallen off or fractured, one even swallowed it, and they walk around without it for two weeks. As long as you don't have sensitivity don't worry, you'll be just fine until you get it cemented back in a few days. If it really bothers you try using some fixodent and put it in yourself. You can also go to a drug store and get some over the counter cement but that might make it harder for your dentist to remove the crown, he might have to section it. When you go back to get it recemented ask them if they have samples of a product called TempBond. That's what we use to cement temps in and we give our patients an individual sample pack for situations just like yours.Hope that helps! :)
you should be fine i have had patients go weeks with out it but do not wait to long they tooth can shift a little bit and the real crown will not fit
OK, there are not many chances that they'll take it out. Just relax.
If you feel OK without it I guess is not a front tooth, so... just go to your appointment in 2 to 4 days, everything should be ok.
Be sure to reaaaally brsuh your teeth and use some listerine. Try not to use mouth rinses with fluoride, it reduces the retention of the final crown when the temporary one has fallen
The same thing happened to me, don't leave the temp out for too long because the teeth will shift and then your permanent crown will not fit. My dentist said to put a bit of toothpaste on the inside of the crown and put it back on until he could re-cement it. Good luck!
you will be fine. The worse thing that will happen is the tooth may shift a little. That just means that the dentist will have to grind the permanent crown a little before cementing it in your mouth

My temporary crown cracked down the

and its saturday night and i can't get to the dentist til monday afternoon. it is currently still on my tooth but im afraid that it will crack completely any minute now, what should i do? is it ok if i just don't have a crown on the tooth for a day or 2? bc i don't use that tooth to chew anyways (its a molar) and i chew on the other side of my mouth.
Does your dentist have an after-hours emergency number? Many do. In the meantime be very careful! Any food (or drink) that gets into your tooth can lead to tooth decay! (ouch!)Good luck!
Find an emergency dentist! Don't let it rot!
if it is still there you will have to be careful of what you eat=if it has come out put it in a small glass of water until you see the dentist =good luck
It is okay to go without a temporary for a day or two as long as its not sensitive. If you left it off for a week or so, the tooth might shift and make the crown much harder to seat when it comes in. Temporaries break all the time...if we made them good, you wouldn't come in for the real thing. Thats a joke of course, but they really do break a lot. There is some temporary bonding junk at Walgreens, and it works a little bit. If the tooth is root canaled then sensitivity isn't an issue and jsut go without it when it falls off. If you are sensitive, then leave it on as long as you can, chew on the other side, and use either a temporary material as stated above or sometimes toothpaste to hold it in place.You'd be surprised how many people super glue their temp back down. For God's sake, never do that!
You might could super glue it together if it comes apart. To keep it attached to your tooth, you could try Fixodent or something like that. Or, just let it go until you see a dentist. It won't hurt anything. I have always panicked because mine have been in the front when they would break.
Do not use Glue. Many are not safe and can mess up your body chemistry in dangerous ways.
There are OTC products that you can mix and apply especially if there is sensitivity in the tooth. Ask a Pharmacist at a 24 hour store.
Brush the area gently and see what comes loose.
The biggest problem is likely to be if a chunk comes loose while chewing, it could damage other teeth when you bite down. Be careful.
If it comes out, it'll be okay for a short time if you keep the area clean. I've had two, and both the temporaries came off. For one, the dentist told me to just wait until my next appointment and I'd be fine. If you want, you could probably go to the local drug store and buy some of the emergency dental products they sell to help keep it together, if you are really nervous.
you will be fine but do not take the temp off your tooth the teeth may shift in that short amount of time and then your permanat crown may not go on...Another thing you can do is call you office and see if a dr can come in tomorrow to make you a new temp crown most will do that and there is usually a number to call on the answering machine that will let you know how to get ahold of the dentist...Good Luck..But do leave the temp on

My teeth is gone yellow HELP!!1?

my teeth is gone yellow i dont smoke what wll i do to get them white quickly
You are doing something wrong with your diet. Are you a big coffee drinker?
If this yellowing has happened fast you should talk to your dentist. It could be a sign of something wrong elsewhere in you body. Most of the tooth whiteners available at the drug store work pretty good.
proffesional whitening... BUT, if you dont have the money Crest Whitestrips work well and they are affordable
Dental bleeching or Crest white strips work good.
BRUSH ur theet 3 times a day. Use colgate and try not to eat yellow things
Dont complain mine are gone
Crest whitestrips do indeed work but are very uncomfortable and make your teeth VERY sensitive. Try pro dental whitening or veneers
go to the dentist for quick clean and polish. That's the quickest and safest method of brightening yellowed teeth.
Umm let me guess
but if u do and it dosent
work go to the dentist
so that the dentit can clean them
and if still not whitend go to the doctors
well what i do is brush 2 or 3 times a day then get peroxide and gargle it for 30 sec. it works best for me. JOEY BROWN
those crest white stripes work awsome! my ex girl friend used em and they worked deadly and she didnt even have to use em all there worth the money
Don't bother with some of the over counter whiteners, like the crest strips and etc. You should go see a dentist who does the ZOOM2, its a light that whitens your teeth by 2 shades in one hour. and its not that expensive. After you have this done, then you can use the over the counter strips for maintenance.
Tea and coffee will stain them too, so if you drink a lot of either, you should cut back or use a straw. And it's not the caffeine, it's just the tea and coffee themselves - tea used to be used as a dye for this reason.I have never used Crest Whitestrips, but people I know who have just rave about them, so I would try that. Also, my dentist says some people's mouths just naturally get more plaque than others. You might want to get a cleaning first to see if that is the culprit, and if not then try some whitening remedies.
if you drink coffee, red wine or dark coloured foods it can make your teeth yellow! you can get them cleaned by dentist or you can also buy your own teeth polisher and cleaner in some shops like boots! i use pearl drops toothpaste, that's really good for whitening teeth! i also chew sugar free gum and that help keep your teeth clean throughout the day! also yellow teeth in an extreme case can signify that the teeth are dying so best visit a dentist to make sure!
you can have them bleached and whitened
Use crest white strips. Or buy a Sonicare. I used it and my dentist says I don't even need teeth bleaching. Good luck!
keep brushing. new toothbrush. floss. colgate white

My teeth in need of replacement and on disability and fixed income?

Need my teeth pulled and set of dentures but at 55 I am on fixed income where do I go for help? I am on disability in Dallas Tx.
Visit Discount benefit provider with no waiting period, savings up to 80% nationwide, pre-existing conditions ok, no age limit, specialists included and much more.
some universities have a dental program and will give free or cheap dental work to people on fixed incomes.

My teeth hurt when i bite?

When i eat something or bite down on my teeth, they hurt. When im not biting, everything feels normal. I dont have any loose teeth. When i wake up in the mornings and bite down, it doesnt hurt, but a couple of hours later the pain is back when i bite. This only happens to my side teeth, not the front teeth. Any ideas what casuses it or/and how to cure it?
kinda tough to give you a prognosis. It could be as involved as you needing a root canal or filling on a tooth.Or, (and most likely) it could just be that you are unaware that you're biting and grinding your teeth as you sleep at night. The answer to that is having a night guard made by your dentist.
The sure-fire way to know is just go to the dentist and have him take x-rays. If there's nothing wrong with your teeth then, it could just be you're grinding at night and causing your jaw muscles to spasm, transmitting that stress to your teeth. Go get it checked out.
unfortunantly it sounds like you may need a root canal...teeth that need them tend to me sensetive when you bite down:( you should go to your dentist and get x-rays and he'll be able to tell you if you need one. good luck.

My teeth feel weird?

my bottom front teeth have been feeling kinda chill or dumb for weeks now. It doesnt matter what I eat or drink. its constant and very very slight. And its not a whole nerve. just in my teeth
Hi, there could be an infection or a cyst in the bone under your front teeth which may be due to an infected tooth. Front teeth very frequently get hurt very easily and they can become non-vital. non-vital teeth can cause a cyst in the jaw.
Or it could even be a radiation of chest pain- angina pectoris.
or it could be just a case of gingival recession- your gums may have receded exposing the root part of teeth which makes them sensitive.
The best option would be to go to the dentist as soon as possible. please keep us updated as to what it turned out to be.
You may be experiencing sensitive teeth, an infection or even a teeth cavity. Trying rinsing your salt water, Oral B ... If the symptoms persists or worsen, i think it is best for you to consult a dentist. :)

My teeth feel like their not aligned, also my jaw hurts, Please help?

Im 16 and my teeth feel like their not aligned, I tried biting down, but my jaws feel weak. My jaw also hurts to yawn and when i try to move it around. Also lately I had a bump on my gums (It went down, but reappears after eating hard candy..(I've stopped eating hard candy). And chewing is a problem.. I want to go see a dentist but i can't because my dentist is in another state.. I have filling in my mouth from cavities.. and all this started one day after eating %26quot;now and laters%26quot;.. PLEASE HELP... if u can no longer answer dis question.. please contact me at %26quot;;
It sounds to me like you have several problems with your mouth. Starting with the jaw thing, i don't know if your familiar with the term TMJ - Temporomandibular joint disease, which is characterized by pain in the jaw and surrounding tissues and limitations in jaw movements. I'm not very knowledgeable about this subject, but I know those are some of the sympthoms, so you should probably look it up. About the bump in your gums, it is probably an abcess at the tip of the root of that tooth. This could mean the decay in that tooth is so extensive that it has reached the nerve and created an infection. It goes away and returns when you apply pressure on that tooth. Most likely you will need at least a root canal to drain out the infection, if not you will have to pull it. If you get the root canal treatment done, your dentist will drill out the cavity in the tooth and also remove the nerve and the abcess. Once the nerve is removed, you will no longer feel pain or sensitivity on that tooth. The will fill in the area in the roots where the nerve used to be and maybe drill in a post ( a little screw) which will hold together a big filling with which they will reconstruct the tooth. After this procedure your tooth will be very brittle and you will need to put a crown on top of it to protect it. However, if your doctor decides that this tooth is non-restorable ( in other words, there is no salvation for this tooth) the you are left with no other option than to pull it. You can do a bridge later to replace the missing tooth. Now you say that you can't go to the dentist because your dentist is in another state... That sounds to me like a personal excuse... Don't be scared, look up another dentist on the internet... or dial 1-800-DENTIST :)
TMJ%26quot;%26quot;%26quot;%26quot;SO%26quot;%26quot;%26quot;%26quot;call dentist and he will direct you to the nearest professional that can help you.
I have a thing called TMJ, not sure what it stands for, sorry. But I have air inbetween the bones of my jaw, which allows them to pop out of place. If I sleep wrong, i can wake up and not be able to move my mouth or I can't eat anything because it hurts to move my jaw or my teeth just wont line up. It usually works it way out and is fine in an hour or so, other times it takes days. And I can acutally pop my jaw, kinda creepy. There is something that can be done for this, the two options I were given weren't good. 1 was to break my jaw and then wire it shut for 6 weeks.. OUCH...the 2nd was to wear this like mouth guard while i slept, but it was in the upwards of 4grand, insurance wont cover a cent...This may be wha tyou have, it may not be.. I would go and see a doctor or a dentist.. They can help...Sorry!
If you have any questoins, you can email me...
Could it be your wisdom teeth? If you don't think that is the problem (you didn't mention where the bump in your gums was, I'm just guesing, sry) and if you are still in pain, definately get help, or at least advice from a professional. If you explain that you are out of state and feel like this is an emergency they may be willing to take a look for you, without doing anything...?
Ok... We all have TMJ which is a tempromandibular joint but what you have possibly is TMD which is a TMJ that doesnt function properly. So this is what I tell my patients. Eat soft foods for two weeks and take one pill of ibuprophen (200 mg) 3X per day (ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO IBUPROPHEN AND YOU DONT HAVE ANY STOMACH ULCERS). This now might help if it doesnt then you need a night guard. It is around $400-$600. If that doesnt do it either then you might need surgery.
Bump on the gums is not a good sign. It is most likley an infection either tooth or gum related.
This is just marginal dental advice in order to confirm diagnosis see your local dentist.
Temperomandibular joint disorder! See your dentist or prosthodontist.

My teeth are very small and straight why might have caused them to be so straight?

People say i have baby teeth but all my teeth are permanent. I have never sucked a passie and Ive had two permanent teeth pulled. Why are they so small.
My son has small teeth also (he is an adult) Genetics my dear. That is the best answer I can give you.
are your parents teeth the same? its the chromosones that decide the actual shape of teeth

My teeth are still moving even after removing my braces 1 1/2 years ago!?

I got my breaces removed a year and a half ago and i love how they look. I had to wear a retainer for a year, and i did. I wore my retainer night and day like my dentist told me to. The problem is that even though i dont need to wear my retainer anymore, i notice that my top front teeth move and a gap forms between them and so i still wear it. But i dont want to have to wear my retainer forever, what should i do?
i got my braces of about 3 years ago, i still wear one of those retainers with the wire band across the teeth at night only. You are usually supposed to do this for at least a few more years since your teeth will still be changing for a long time. my mom's a dental hygenist and her and my orthodonist told me that some people may even still wear it at night in their 20s. you have to do this otherewise they will shift a lot. sometimes i go a few days without wearing mine at night and even then, when i put it back on its tighter b/c they shifted a bit. You wont have to wear it for ever, but you probably will have to wear it at night for a while but it really is worth it, and after going through all the pain of braces you really dont want them to shift back
I'm still wearing my retainer, and it's been nearly four years since i had my braces. I think u have to wait until your teeth are done growing, or maybe..wait do u still have your wisdom teeth? If u still have your wisdom teeth that could be why your teeth are moving.
Hi! I'm 21 and had my braces taken off when I was 14. I had to wear my retainer at least until I was 18 only at night. Just try wearing it at night at least for a couple of years! You don't want to mess up all the work you had done! It's worth it!
I would suggest telling your dentist and maybe he could fit you into a new retainer because after years of moving the teeth ( actually movig teeth and moifying the alveloar bone that the teeth are jointed into) over a period of time may still be loose and take just as lon .or longer to reset into their position.
Top front teeth are still moving and are now creating a gap between them after wearing your retainers for 1.5 yrs. steady night and day-- and you want to know what your alternatives are as you don't want to continue to wear the retainer:The alternatives are having a wire installed in the inside of your smile that will anchor the teeth in place. Usually the front teeth will have memory and the gap will continue to re-appear after a patient has stopped wearing their retainer-- not sure of your case and the complexity-- but if you are not opposed to having your orthodontist install the permanent wire to the inside of your smile -- this is the current solution that most Orhtodontic offices will offer to you.Ligaments in your smile creat the %26quot;Memory%26quot; that our gums and teeth have-- and this will cause the smile to try and move back to it's original place-- for as much as 2 + yrs. after the completion of your smile.Also-- my reccomendation is return for a follow-up %26quot;Post-Op%26quot; consultation-- they should not charge you for this visit either-- ask them for their honest opinion on this situation and their best alternatives for your smile.In the mean-time keep wearing your retainer-- make that appointment-- get the options in front of you -- so that you can make the best decision.Sincerely, Tina, Dr. John Vellequette %26 Associates
Sunnyvale, CA
My children were told by their orthodontist that they had to wear their retainer to sleep in for the rest of their lives or their teeth would shift. You have no choice but to wear it forever if you don't want to then expect your teeth to shift.

My teeth are perfect but they have gaps?

my teeth are straight in fact they r the best in my whol family. but they tiny gaps in between the top front 4. will i need braces or something?
If you are an adult and have gaps and they bother you, you can have them filled in by a good dentist or have porcelain veneers done, they are beautiful, but can be expensive. Ask around to find a dentist that is good at cosmetic dentistry, before you invest.
i wouldnt say they are perfect, if they have gaps.if they were perfect you wouldnt complain
You must consult to aurthodauntic. After all investigation he can advice better because it depends on your age and postion of teeths.
its not good option for braces. this gap is mainly due to heredietery d its better not to fight against nature

My teeth are naturally discoloured and bleaching doesn't help much. Is there anything I can do?

Smiling has always embarrassed me and as I have got older the problem has got worse. I've got some money for treatment but I'm not rich! Any ideas please?
It really depends on what the problem is. I suggest you see your dentist. If, for example, the problem was caused by your MD giving you tetracyline as a child, all the bleaching in the world won't help. You will need to have veneers put on your teeth. So, see your dentist.
have you tried any professional whitening in the dental office?
OTC whitening materials do not work well on severe cases :(
Sometimes certain medicines and tabacco smoke causes discoloring of the teeth. IF you smoke, stop. If you take medicines then try to brush your teeth soon after and see if that helps reduce this any. I would suggest trying a toothpaste with whitener. Avoid the whitening kits as they make one's teeth VERY sensitive to hot and /or cold after using these. My daughter had GOOD results with trying whitening toothpaste on a daily basis. Do not expect results overnite but very soon. Within a week or two she saw that they were white and nice.
HMMM...Put some white out on your teeth!
If you've tried bleaching and it hasn't worked then the only other option is to have veneers i'm afraid!! But be warned these are expensive!! If anyone suggests crest strips, bi carb of soda, etc ignore them, if bleaching has not worked then nothing will. That is the thing with bleaching or any other method for whitening your teeth - they will ony get rid of stains, they will not get colour your teeth lighter than their natural shade!

My teeth are flat.?

I do not grind them at night. I grind them during the day. I did not even know I did it until my dentist pointed it out. He said they were the flatest teeth he had ever seen. Why do I do this?
Why do people clench and grind their teeth?
Ninety percent of the time the answer is life stress. But there are other possible reasons, and all contributing factors need to be considered for proper management.The following is a list of causes that must be considered:1. Exercise and Sports
Weight Lifting
2. Stimulants
3. Psychological
4. Medical
Sleep Apnea
Pain in other parts
of the body
Teeth not closing together comfortably
Habit? Nervous? Could be a number of things.
my teeth are flat kinda looks like someone sawed them off....i call them box teeth.there aint nothing wrong with having box teeth
nervous reaction. or concentration.. I do it when i brush my hair.. I dont get it?
Most likely stress. Try some meditation techniques throughout the day. When you notice yourself grinding down, close your eyes, relax all your muscles and try to breathe in and out slowly until you feel ready to continue the day. Though, doing this in the middle of a meeting could get some odd stares from your co-workers and boss, but hey, whatever needs to be done to keep your teeth from grinding down to the gums.
It is probably something you just do subconciously. Just try to stop and your teeth will be fine.
It's completely normal, all teeth wear down some more than others. If your teeth start to have pain, consult a dentist because you could grind in your sleep and not even know
I would say stress or a nervous type of reaction to things. I would always grind my back molars at night when I slept and my mom and dad told me I made an awful noise doing it. I had braces at the time and I was doing it due to the pressure.
Stress or frustration is probably the main reason, but it could just be a habit. They can get you a plastic mold that fits onto your teeth so you can still grind them and not cause any damage. I have one. I got it last year. They really help. The best thing you can do is ask your dentist for one.Hope I helped.
Stress maybe? try chewing gum more, so your biting on your back teeth instead of grinding them
some people on crystal meth do this alot. are you on drugs? don't do drugs!
You may not be aware that you grind your teeth at night but if you are during the day then I almost guarantee that you grind at night. Set up an appointment with your dentist and have a night guard made, this may be worn at night as well as during stressful times during the day. It also may be a jaw relation problem, if you have head-aches this may be a good indication that you are a severe grinder. A night guard will help reduce the wearing of your teeth. Hope that helps!
Possible Causes:* Stress
* Anxiety
* Poor bite alignment
* Dislocated jaw
* Central nervous system disorderSigns:*Tooth wear, fractures of the teeth and fillings, especially on the front teeth
*Grinding noise noticed by a sleeping partner
*Facial muscle pain and fatigue
*Locking, cracking, and clicking of the jaws
*Tooth mobility
*Sensitive teethTreatment:*Your oral health professional, your dental hygienist or dentist can make you aware of the habit and suggest behavioral therapies to stop the bruxism.
*Stress reduction and coping techniques can be initiated to reduce the emotional stress you may be experiencing
*A removable intra-oral appliance can be made for you. The mouthguard protects the teeth from the forces of clenching or grinding the teeth together. A mouthguard or nightguard is more practical for treating the night bruxer than for those who have daytime clenching and grinding habits.
Get a nightguard at the dentist or drugstore. But at the dentist can be pricey. Mines charges almost $600 for a custom mold but I got one at the drugstore for $20. Slightly bulkier but as long as it doesn't fall out, I'm happy. If you grind in the morning, most likely you grind at night. I have inlays and woke up one morning with one cracked. Grinding can cause teeth to be worn down, shifted sightly forward, sometimes crack, chip. Mines are worn and shifted. My doctor showed me on the xray. My husband grinds and his front teeth are chipped. Wear a night guard. Even in the morning, you'll be more aware of the problem then and try to retrain yourself to stop.
The nightguard fits in ur mouth and stops the top and bottom teeth from making contact. You'll basically %26quot;chew%26quot; the guard instead of ruining your teeth. The first night u use it, your jaw will feel tired but it fades within day 2. Good luck!

My teeth are falling out,the enamel are coming off,what can i do?

my enamel is coming of my teeth,the other day one of them fell out,i'm scared to get them looked at,my teeth are really bad.but i know i need to get them fixed.i have no insurance right now i was wondering if you guys would be able to do payment plans.i plan on getting insurance,i'm sending away for my birth certificate now,but it will take 1-2 weeks before i get teeth hurt now!!!!is there anyway you can help me please.
take it step by step .
call a dentist office and see if they do payment plans.
or go to mexico they just want money and dont care about insurance.
Getting your teeth done by a dental school student is cheaper than by a regular dentist.
Check for dental clinics in your area.For example, I got two wisdom teeth pulled at a dental school clinic for just $75. Great deal. There might also be community dental clinics for people who can't afford care.Check with your county/city health care program (check under local government in the phone book.) You might be eligible for emergency care, pro bono work, reduced rates...see what's available in your area.
Stop smoking..
Tylenol? aspirin? numbing cream?
Stop smoking? STOP DOING CRYSTAL METH %26 CRACK!!! DUH!!!!
Hi,Im a dentist and if you want some help, please email me and i probably can help you. Are you in pain at the momentRob
I had really bad teeth all thru school, and I had quite a few pulled by the time I got to high school. Soon as I graduated, the first thing I did was have all the rest pulled out cuz they were fallin apart and it was gonna cost way too much to even think about getting them fixed. I still don't have any teeth, but it's a lot better than havin a mouthful of ugly lookin bad teeth that hurt all the time. I'd much rather go toothless than go on the way l was. At least now I can eat ok and I don't hurt all the time.

My teeth are falling apart..?

Well not literally, but they are quite weak and very prone to cavities. I have been to the dentists today to have a cap fitted, and I am fed up of having to arrange my life around dental appointments. (plus im in quite a bit of pain right now). Any food I can eat to help strengthen my teeth or food I should 100% avoid, or any toothpaste reccomendations would be gratefully accepted. Many thanks!
Calcium and vitamin c. If u drink acidy drinks, soda, etc., use a straw. Limit sticky candy. After eating, rinse with water.
y r u
Best to ask your dentist.
Well, unfortunately, you cannot repair damaged teeth. I use crest, and my first son never had a cavity in 28 years. My other did though, because he ate more candy. Keep away from sugars, and put up with the dentist. When it's over, you should be all good. Make sure you get plenty of calcium and water. They are both essential for teeth.
You can buy fluoride gels. I think that's supposed to cause your teeth to calcify and get stronger. You get fluoride in your tap water, but the gel might help add to it. Also never go to bed without brushing your teeth first. Good luck!
CALCIUM! Thats what you need. You need a great toothpaste I reccommend Colgate Total, or Crest Pro Helath, some Listerine mouth wash, and floss. Avoid candy and other sweets unless you can brush your teeth right after. You NEED to see a dentist twice a year or your teeth will be really messed up! Did you ask your dentist what could possibly be wrong? Brush, floss your teeth 2 to 3 times a day. In your case I reccomend 3 to 4 times a day. If you ever toothaches use Orajel its at walmart and drugstores.
I am surprised that since you just visited the dentist- this question did not come up to her/him - as the professional, the dentist or hygienst would be the best person to discuss your situation. Afterall, they have the xrays and know the details that we can only guess at. I know from my own dental history that gums can be a very detrimental issue for unhealthy teeth. Gum disease will weaken the teeth tremendously. If I were you, I'd ask the professionals. I could easily recommend milk for vitamin D, but you might be allergic to milk, so don't put your trust in the Yahoo community. Seek your dentists' advice.
avoid whittening toothpastes they break down enamal
You should definitely ask your dentist about this as soon as possible ! This is better call right away to be on the safe side.
go see your dentist

My teeth and gum on the rightside in my mouth appear to be shifting inside.?

so when i open my mouth, it doesn't look like a complete oval, but on the right side it looks like the oval is bent inside, i hope anyone who reads this understands what i mean.
If you are concerned, just go to the dentist. Maybe it is just you growing.
hard to tell you. look up toris?? need more info dental lady
This happened to my mom, too. I'm guessing you sleep on your right side, or on your stomach with the right side of your face on your pillow. Try sleeping on your back to prevent them from moving anymore. You'll have to visit your orthodontist to get them straight again.

My teenage daughter is allergic to novacaine (sp). What other numbing meds can my daughter be given at dent.?

My daughter has a dentist appt. next week. We just found out that she is allergic to novacaine. She will need some work done fairly soon and was wondering what other alternative the dentist has to numb the area up?
Your dentist should know what can and cannot be used in a patient with a novicaine allergy, so your best info will come from that person. But, here is what I found.;People often use the term %26quot;novacaine%26quot;, %26quot;novocain%26quot;, %26quot;novacaine%26quot; or a variation thereof when talking about local anesthetics... even though novocaine has not been used in dentistry for decades (both because it wears off too quickly and because allergies to novocain and other ester-based -caines are relatively common). All the -caines used for local anaesthesia these days are amides rather than esters. Virtually nobody is allergic to amide caines.%26quot;AND: to the section that says %26quot;For patients who are allergic to local anesthetic%26quot;. You will find some good info is just too long to cut and paste!
There are a few new ones that are out - I just had one of them used last week (I'm sorry, I forgot the name) - they are much better than the -aines.Call her dentist now though in case he has to order them.
Good Luck
I'm allergic to novocaine as well. When I go, they give me lidocaine. It works fine for me, but remember, some people who are allergic to novocaine are allergic to ALL the %26quot;caine%26quot; drugs, so even lidocaine will cause a reaction.
The dentist knows what to use, just inform him. I don't think there is a dentist in the world that doesn't have options such as laughing gas. Don't worry about it.
If she had an allergy test SPECIFICALLY for %26quot;Novocaine%26quot; and was found to be allergic, just tell your dentist. NOBODY uses Novocaine in a dental office inthe US any more.The rest of my answer depends on how she found out that she was allergic to Novocaine.
Well, it is hard to know exactly which drug she as adverse reactions. There are a variety of local anesthetics used for Dentistry, and %26quot;novacaine%26quot; is really just a generalization of all of them. Septocaine, Privocaine, Marpocaine could maybe be an alternative.
However, if she is allergic to all of these %26quot;-caine%26quot; then a dentist may try relying solely on Nitrous Oxide %26quot;laughing gas%26quot;, oral sedation, or general anesthesia at the complete final choice. There are many different strategies than just numbing. Ask the dentist. If he or she does not suggest any of my ideas, then go elsewhere for treatment.
I have been in a dentists chair since around the age of five.
I was in my early 20's when I discovered I couldn't handle
the effects of Novacaine any longer. I was in the middle of
some dental work at that time, and I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone, without numbing first. But the dentist couldn't just stop what he was doing, he said.
I've had alot of poor dentists over my 62 years. And life has taught me alot. Now many dentists and experiences later, I can recommend to you one specific numbing agent I have had 100% good results from. It is Lidocaine. It does have Epinephren, whichmany people do have trouble with. But it's apparently a small enough amount that it has never affected me. But now due to a heart disease, they don't want to use anything with Epinephren. And so they use Carbocaine without Epinephren. But it doesn't numb to the core as well, from my experience.
Pravacaine was another agent I have had, without any
after affects.
I did have some chest pains once from a product
called, Medivacaine 2%.w/Levonordefrin, so I don't recommend it.
I hope these referrals will be of some help.
Currently, Lidocaine (also called Xylocaine) is used because some patients had allergic reactions to Novocaine. Lidocaine, which is also a local anesthetic, works in essentially the same way as Novocaine, without causing allergic reactions and other side effects.
Hope this helps.
There is also lidocain, tetracain, benzocain, or in rare cases cocain. However lidocain does have the risk of causing heart failures if not administered properly. However prilocain seems like a good bet as well. However if cocain has to be administered you must let your dentist know way ahead of time. It is a lengthy process to get cocain for medical use.
Lidocaine for a topical and laughing gas for any major dental work where novicane usually is used. Ask your dentist is he/she gives other options to novicane. If it is that serious of an issue find another board certified dentist that will give you an option to novicane.
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