Sunday, October 25, 2009

My 7 year old keeps getting tartar build up after the dentist and brushing all the time whats up?

If your child drinks a lot of milk, as I do, tartar can build up all the time. I love milk but have learned now to rinse my mouth
out after I drink milk and it removes much of the residue and the tartar isn't as bad. Don't worry Mom it is normal for people and I try to tell myself that's why Dental Hygenists have
your daughter may be drinking too much calcium, in between
brushing or starchey food like potatoes i believe could cause that!
does your child floss as well? that's what gets rid of the tartar. you can also buy some picks like the ones the doctor uses to clean teeth and scrape away tartar
You might want to look at any medications they are on. Some drugs make build up of tartar more difficult to deal with, especially asthma drugs. If that isn't the problem, consider their toothpaste and toothbrush. My children's dentist recommended that they use a good electric brush since kids are not very good at the brushing themselves. My kids benefitted from this advice, and have great teeth. Also, look into sealants. Probably the best $ advice I can give a parent.
Sometimes medications can cause problems like this. Also certain foods cause tartar to stick more than others. If it is a concern, talk to your Dr. and discuss what could be changed metabolically to improve her oral problem.
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