Saturday, October 31, 2009

My stiches hurt in my mouth long before they dissolve so i can eat solids they are on my gums?

about 2 weeks u can take solids food, dont bite on the surgery area, put some toothpaste on the cotton buds and clean the area.Don talk too much. Take care
u should ask the doctor..not us stupid ppl
lol u are asking the right person i have a total of 259 stiches and i got 7 inside my mouth it takes about 3 weeks for me then they went back to normal hope i helped
normaly one week to 2 week,s hun i can suguset smoothie,s and ice cream and folllow your dr order,s on washing your mouth with water and salt
everyones different. i know its hard living on soups and milkshakes, ice cream etc. I had all of my teeth removed for dentures and the doctor did that to me . I had to go abouta month to month an a half. i was starving so bad! and i gained 15 pounds just eating what i could get down. but when the stitches are gone your gums will still be very sore . youll have to take it slowly when chewing. i can now eat almost anything thats not very hard on my gums. ive had dentures now for 5 yrs. amd the hardest part is the stitches and soreness. ice cream did soothe they aching in my gums. i hope this helps you out!
if they hurt then most likely they are not dissoluble, there the old fashion kind,so i say call your dentist.
First, most resorbable sutures dissolve in 7-10days. Second, you do not usually have to wait until then to eat solid foods.

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