Saturday, October 31, 2009

My gum is swollen around a tooth that has a cavity?

Is this definitely an abscess tooth or a definite root canal i have had these cavities for a while but the swelling just started today!! Im scared please HELP :(
It is probably abcessed and you will probably need a root canal. Call your dentist int he morning and tell them that you are in a lot of pain and that you cannot sleep (lie a little even, they'll get you in). They will have you come in and look at it and probably give you an antibiotic to kill the infection. It will help, that happened to me and I took only 2 pills and the pain was gone. They do have to kill the infection before they work on it anyway
I am NOT a dentist but I would definitely call today. Maybe they could put you on an antibiotic right away to avoid a root canal or something.
Brush teeth and gargle with warm salt water. I have had that same pain before and that has worked for me. Mix baking soda and peroxide together and use it before the toothpaste. It cleans out any infection. I am 50 and have all my teeth with clean pink healthy gums. Maybe you cut your gum like I have done before with dental floss.
take care of it now or else not only will you need a root canal, but you will develop gingivitis. not fun.
it sounds like you are getting an abscess you need to get to the dentist asap and he/she can get you on some antibiotics to get the infection under control and then they can fix the tooth. but don;t put it off.
an absess occurs on the gum. a root canal is a procedure done by a dentist. you have an absess. go to the dentist and get antibiotics as soon as posible. absesses are infection between flesh and tooth.go read
Here's a link that will tell u what u need to know, hope it helps :)
my guess would be that you have an infection, go to you dentist get on some antibiotics so that they can fix it. if you start having pain then you defiantly have an infection. and they won't do anything until you've taken antibiotics and gotten rid of the infection.

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